Loan Products Offers:

1.Back to Back Loan     7.Emergency Loan
2.Regular Loan             8.Calamity Loan
3.Vehicle Loan              9.Loan Against Share Capital Loan           
4.Housing Loan            10.Salary Loan
5.Agriculture Loan        11.Business Loan
6.Educational Loan       12.Fast Loan

How to Become A Member?

Regular Member:
  - is one who is entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership.

Associate Member:
- is one who has no rights to vote nor be voted upon and shall be entitled only to such rights and privileges as the  by-laws may provide.

Age Requirements:
18-65 years old

1. Proof of income (Both Spouses)
2. Co-makers (Member In Good Standing MIGS)       
3. Household expenses (Food, Groceries, Billings, etc.
4. 2 pcs. ID picture
5. Residence Certificate (CEDULA)
6. Collateral (ATM, Land title, CR/OR