Savings Deposit  

*Regular Savings Deposit   *Youth Savers Club       *Memorial Savings Program
*Platinum Life Savings       *Wedding Savings         *Birthday Savings
*Educational Savings         *Retirement Savings     *Graduation Savings             

 -Earns higher interest than local banks
                                         -No Passbook, No Withdrawal

   Youth Saver's Club

  -Design for kids ages 0-12 years old and 13-17 years  old.
  -Initial Savings Deposit of Php 50.00
  -Share Capital of Php 50.00 upon open account
  -NO Tax and Service Charge
                                                    -ADB - Accepts deposit daily at minimum of Php 50.00

    Time Deposit Plus

    Amount of Deposit            Interest Rate
    P1,000 - P50,000                 10.5% per annum    
    P50,001 - P100,000              11% per annum   
    P100,001 - P500,000            11.5% per annum
    P500,001 - P1,000,000         12% per annum
    P1000,001 - P50,000,000      13% per annum